Release Notes#

This will serve as a reference to the release notes with regards to the release version of the NuGet packages that are published.


These are the changes, additions, removals that are actively being worked on and will be included in future releases.


The changes, additions, removals and new features that are part of the backlog have not been published to the public (i.e. master branch).

Version 1.0.5 - 2017-05-22#


  • Added Task static class that provides the ability to execute delegates on STA threads using BackgroundWorker and STASynchronizationContext in a simplified manner. 1
  • Added RegexValidationRule that is used for validation text input using regular expressions. 1
  • Added IsValid extension method to the DependencyObject that will determine if the object or it’s children have a ValidationError objects that are returning errors. 1
  • Added SystemConfigDataSource and UserConfigDataSource classes that are used for dynamically adding, removing or changing DNS’. 1
  • Added Impersontation class that allows for impersontating a user (useful when needing to access network drives or databases as a different user than is executing the code). 1
  • Added ScrollSynchronizer class that allows for synchronizing ScrollViewer controls in XAML. 1
  • Added STASynchronizationContext class that dispatched the asynchronous message. 1
  • Added SegmentationExtensions class that provides extension methods for dealing with Linear Referencing and M-Values. 1
  • Added Entity and EntityFieldAttribute and EntityTableAttribute classes that allow for mapping rows or features within a table or feature class to class files Object Relational Mapping. 1


  • The AutoCompleteBox control now supports case-sensitivity and a timed delay (using the DelayedTextBox) to delay drop down. 1


  • The V10 compilier directive has been removed.
  • The Error methods in the Log have been simplified to remove confusing overloads. 1

Version 1.0.4 - 2016-11-08#


  • The Wave.log4net.config file is included in the packages. 3
  • Added Version and BuildNumber to the ArcFM static class. 2
  • Added GetVisibleLayers extension method to the IMap interface which will return only those layers that are visible (either by virtue of being enabled or due to scale suppression). 1
  • Added Linear Referencing support classes in the ESRI.ArcGIS.Location namespace. 1
  • Added Export extension methods to the IFeatureClass and ITable interface which allows for exporting the data to another data source. 1
  • Added Delete extension methods to the IFeatureClass and ITable interface for deleting the object from the database. 1
  • Added support for converting Dictionary{string, TValue} into a DynamicObject using the ToDynamic extension method off the Dictionary{string, TValue} class. 1 5
  • Added support for converting XDocument into a DynamicObject using the ToDynamic extension method off the XDocument class. 1 5
  • Added support for converting the IRowBuffer into a DynamicObject using the ToDynamic extension method off the IRowBuffer interface. 1 5


  • Fixed issue with GetAutoValue extension methods were recursively searching too deep for the auto values.
  • Fixed issue with ReadCsv extension method for the DataTable that wasn’t opening the ADO connection prior to executing the read, which was causing an exception.

Version 1.0.3 - 2016-04-04#


  • Added PerformOperation extension methods to the IEditor, IMMEditor, IWorkspace and IWorkspaceEdit interfaces that wrap the start / stop operation constructs. 3
  • Added ExecuteTask extension method on the IMMPxNode object to execute tasks based on name. 2
  • Added CompatibleUnit and WorkLocation node objects. 2
  • Added GetActiveTab extension method to the IMMAttributeEditor interface to allow for returning the ID8List for the tab that is selected in the ArcFM Attribute Editor. 2
  • Added Pan, Zoom, and Flash extension methods to the IFeature interface to allow for performing these actions when the proper hook is supplied. 1
  • Added Unhighlight extension method for unhighlighting features. 2


  • The GetDataChanges extension methods on the IVersion interface returns a DeltaRowCollection instead of a List{DeltaRow} as the accessor methods on the DeltaRow have been moved to the DeltaRowCollection class to allow for better performance. 1 4
  • The ESRI.ArcGIS.Framework.BaseClasses namespace was replaced with the ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.BaseClasses namespace. 1 4
  • The Miner.Framework.BaseClasses namespace was replaced with the Miner.Interop namespace. 2 4
  • Moved the IProgressBarAnimation interface into the ESRI.ArcGIS.Framework namespace 1

Version 1.0.2 - 2016-03-03#


  • Due to an issue with the build server the 4.5 .NET Framework packages were not included.

Version 1.0.1 - 2016-03-01#


  • The packages now support the 3.5 and 4.5 .NET Framework. 3
  • The 4.5 .NET Framework packages now include supporting async methods. 3


  • Added Execute extension method to the ISqlWorkspace interface to support query cursors. 1
  • Added GetWorkspaces extension method to the IApplication interface which will return the IMMStandardWorkspace interface that will give the LoginWorkspace, LibraryWorkspace, and EditWorkspace. 2
  • Added getter property for the Locked property on the IPxControlUI interface. 2
  • Added GetCULibrary to the IApplication interface which will return the ICuLibrary interface used for interacting with the storage of the library. 2
  • Added GetHistory extension methods to the IMMPxApplication for retrieving historical data for nodes. 2
  • Added GetNodeTypeName extension method to the IMMPxApplication to reduce the number of casts necessary to retrieve the information from the node objects. 2


  • The CreateNew and Initialize methods on the IPxNode interface have been removed. 2 4
  • The ReferenceDictionary has been replaced with the ToDictionary extension method on the Miner.Interop.Process.IDictionary which converts it to Dictionary{String, Object}. 2 4


  • Using overloading mechanism instead of the optional parameters. 3
  • The Session, Design and WorkRequest classes updated to reflect changes to the IPxNode interface and now create and initialize based on the constructor parameters. 2
  • Instance members should not write to static fields in ComboTreeDropDown. 1
  • Removed virtual from the DictionaryChanged and DictionaryChanging events in the ObservableDictionary 1
  • Initialize the BehaviorsProperty property in static constructor in the CommandBehaviorCollection 1
  • Defined the locale to be used in String operations. 3
  • The StartEditing extension methods on the IVersion and IWorkspace interfaces were removed, as they were duplicates of the PerformOperation methods.1 4
  • The BaseAutoText implementation no longer requires the progId parameter in the constructor as it is derived from the ProgIdAttribute that is assigned to the class. 2 4
  • A Design can no longer be created as an orphan, it requires a WorkRequest or IMMWMSWorkRequest to be constructed.

Version 1.0.0 - 2016-02-06#


  • Initial support for version 10 of the ArcFM Solution and ArcGIS for Desktop products


You can install and use a previous release of the packages by specifying the package version in the Package Manager Console window.

  1. A change that is included in the Wave Extensions for ArcGIS package. 

  2. A change that is included in the Wave Extensions for ArcFM package. 

  3. A change that is included in both the Wave Extensions for ArcGIS and Wave Extensions for ArcFM packages. 

  4. A change that potentially causes other components to fail

  5. A change that requires the .NET 4.5 framework.